Aliza Katz

Aliza Katz

Corporate Executive Chef

Aliza Katz, a corporate executive chef for Kraft Foodservice, loves everything about food. She discovered this while in Florence, Italy. There, with market-fresh food, a beautiful kitchen and eager friends, she developed a life-long romance with food.

She brings that passion into the Kraft Culinary Centre, where she develops recipes for clients and tests new formulas of Kraft products. We rely on her intuitive ability to surpass our customers' expectations. Her creativity is at its best when developing new and exciting recipes-always mindful of tailoring them to the specific needs of the customer. Perhaps this stems from her degree in Psychology, or perhaps its origin is simply an offspring of her culinary passion.

Home: Chicago, Illinois

Education: Culinary Career Training Program Degree with Honors, L'Academie de Cuisine, Gaithersberg, MD; BA in Psychology with Honors, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md.

Employment: Senior Corporate chef for Kraft Foodservice

1st job in foodservice: Waiting tables and hosting at Cashion's Eat Place and Johnny's Half Shell.

Greatest accomplishments: Studying in Florence, Italy; my education; finding a career in the food industry in which I am able to use my formal education, as well as my experience and expertise.

Most rewarding part of my job: Making a living by talking about food all day!

The two or three people from history (living or dead) with whom I would most like to have dinner: Chris Farley and the guy who invented sushi.

Sound byte: "I have a strange talent. I remember everything I've ever eaten, and I remember what the person who I'm eating with ordered. Even if it's years ago. I remember the exact food."

Favorite recipe recently developed for Kraft Foodservice:

We created a dish for our loaded-fries concept that showcases Asian flavors in a fun, playful presentation. I love this dish, Asian Fish 'n Chips—it's aromatic and heady and a great study of contrasting textures. We embellished Kraft Mayo Real Mayonnaise with lime juice and sriracha, and that simple plus two moved it into the Asian profile perfectly. Why is this is my favorite recipe? I love the way it tastes.

Aliza Katz