JET-PUFFED Marshmallows
take your menu to profitable new places.

There’s no limit to the on-trend desserts you can create with JET-PUFFED the #1 marshmallow brand¹. Desserts made with marshmallows have surpassed cupcakes as the most popular treat.² Capitalize on this sweet trend and captivate customers with amazing desserts made with “America’s Favorite Marshmallow.”

Bake JET-PUFFED in or top off to bring homemade comforts to any treat.

From Micromallows to Jumbo Marshmallows and everything in between, JET-PUFFED offers countless ways to create inspiring culinary confections.

Whether you use it as an ingredient or to dress up a dessert, trust JET-PUFFED to deliver delicious homemade comforts across your entire after-dinner menu.

Product Application Ideas
Jumbo Marshmallows S’mores, crispy rice treats, dipped novelties
Regular Marshmallows Baking cookies/bars, cakes, pies, puddings, pastry and candy/fudge
Half Jet Marshmallows Specialty beverages, sundaes and baking
Stacker Marshmallows Topping, s’mores and other desserts
Miniature Marshmallows Hot beverages and dessert garnish, fruit salad and casserole ingredient
Micromallows Hot beverages, ice cream, frosting and cereal bars
Mallow Bits—Vanilla Shakes, soft-serve, beverage topping
Mallow Bits—Chocolate Shakes, soft-serve, beverage topping
Marshmallow Crème Blend into desserts and ice cream, drizzle over hot and cold beverages, swirl into milkshakes

¹ ACNielsen, 52 Weeks Ending 9/29/12
² The Culture-ist, January 2012

JET-PUFFED Marshmallows