Gevalia - Rich Appeal

A Robust Heritage

a masterful palate

Our Master Taster enjoys up to 200 cups of GEVALIA coffee each day!

Dave Holfve is the Master Taster for GEVALIA at our headquarters in Sweden. Much like a sommelier of fine wine, Dave uses his highly trained palate to assess the aroma, flavor, body and texture of each lot of GEVALIA coffee before it ships. Additionally, Dave travels to renowned growing regions, plantations and farms across the globe to personally select the finest beans for blending and roasting.

When Dave first started the job, he had a hard time falling asleep at night. But despite this small sacrifice, Dave considers his position the best job at GEVALIA. Everyone else agrees.

GEVALIA was founded in 1853 by Swedish importer Victor Theodor Engwall in the port town of Gävle, Sweden. With a rare devotion to his craft, Engwall dedicated his life to searching the world for superior coffee beans.

SwedenTo create the perfect flavor, Engwall tirelessly experimented with bean combinations, roasting levels and grinding techniques until he developed coffee truly fit for a king. Indeed, King Gustav was so taken by the smooth, full-bodied taste of GEVALIA that he appointed it the official coffee of the Royal Court of Sweden. We at GEVALIA are honored to still hold this privilege, and to carry on our founder’s passion for crafting premium coffee of distinction.

Kaffe = Coffee the Swedish Way

Love Coffee? So do the Swedes. In fact, they drink more coffee than almost anyone, anywhere. And for over 150 years, Gevalia has been their favorite cup.

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